CIVILWATER / Conservation and quality assurance of municipal water in the cross border area

Project title: Conservation and quality assurance of municipal water in the cross border area
Priority axis: 1. Quality of Life
Area of Intervention: 1.1 Protection, Management & Promotion of the Environmental Resources
Lead Partner: Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Thrace
Partner 2: Club
Partner 3: Balkan Environment Center
Partner 4: Municipality of Oraiokastro
Partner 5: Municipality of Blagoevgrad
Budget: 1.219.000,00 €
Description: The use of water in many Municipalities of the cross-border area is carried out with problems that mainly concern the control of the water quality, the water loss within the networks, the health hazards in cases of polluting incidents and the irrational use of water for irrigation of urban green areas. Main activities include: 1. The development, and subsequent assessment, of common application standards and operational methodologies for the quality control and conservation of drinking water and the pilot use of relevant applications (real-time monitoring of water quality, early warning pollution incident system, digitally controlled irrigation application system). 2. The education and training of various target groups on municipal water resources management (guide for wise public use of municipal water, training seminars for competent authorities). 3. The conduction of integrated application studies of similar projects for future allocation of similar projects to the corresponding measures of the Regional Operational Programmes.
Project details:
Call No: B2
Protocol No: 2599
Signature date of the Subsidy Contract: 10/01/2013
Subsidy Code: B2.11.06
Downloads: Project Fiche 2599
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Area of intervention
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