AGRI-GENO-TRANS / Agri-Genomics Transfer and Dissemination Between Greece & Bulgaria

Project title: Agri-Genomics Transfer and Dissemination Between Greece & Bulgaria
Priority axis: 3. Competitiveness
Area of Intervention: 3.3 Promotion of Cooperation between Research, Technological and Academic Institutions and Business Organizations
Lead Partner: Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
Partner 2: Exhibitions Research Institute
Partner 3: National Association Mountains Milk
Budget: 498,160.25 €
Description: The projects aim is to disseminate the knowledge generated by the Institute of Agrobiotechnology in Thessaloniki to the cross-border cooperation area through a series of innovative technology transfer events. The topic is that of Agricultural Genomics and the field of application that of dairy products and milk production with focus to the area of Rodopi.
Project details:
Call No: B1
Protocol No: 8020
Signature date of the Subsidy Contract: 14/4/11
Subsidy Code: B1.33.06
Downloads: Project Fiche 8020
Priority axis
Area of intervention
Lead partner
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