CORECT / Common Religious Cultural Pathways

Acronym: CORECT
Project title: Common Religious Cultural Pathways
Priority axis: 1. Quality of Life
Area of Intervention: 1.2 Protection, Management & Promotion of the Cultural Resources
Lead Partner: Holy Metropolis of Alexandroupolis
Partner 2: Holy Metropolis of Drama
Partner 3: Holy Metropolis of Zihnon & Nevrokopiou
Partner 4: Holy Metropolis of Neapolis and Stavroupolis
Partner 5: Holy Metropolis of Nevrokop
Partner 6: Cultural and Educational Technology Institute
Partner 7: South-West University Blagoevgrad
Budget: 694,225.00 €
Description: This project will exploit recent ICT advances in order to create innovative tools and methodologies facilitate the understanding, study and promotion of common Religious Cultural Heritage. By doing so, the project aims to bring closer the local communities, while stimulating the joint promotion of the regions.
Project details:
Call No: B1
Protocol No: 8308
Signature date of the Subsidy Contract: 30/3/11
Subsidy Code: B1.12.08
Downloads: Project Fiche 8308
Priority axis
Area of intervention
Lead partner
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