COMUSULOEM / Cooperation of municipalities for supporting local employment

Project title: Cooperation of municipalities for supporting local employment
Priority axis: 3. Competitiveness
Area of Intervention: 3.1 Support and Valorisation of Human Resources - Support of Preparatory Actions in view of the Open Labour Market
Lead Partner: Municipality of Kalamaria
Partner 2: Municipality of Sandanski
Budget: 781,600.00 €
Description: The present project firstly will cover the need for the creation of a strategy in the Municipalities on employment and service of the Socially Vulnerable Groups (SVG). In order to develop a policy and tools of evaluation data must be provided, and also data collection and performance of realistic scenarios system is needed. A study of existing features must be firstly carried out, good practices must be sought both in their own environment but also international, and a tool for evaluating all these data must be made.
Project details:
Call No: B1
Protocol No: 7962
Signature date of the Subsidy Contract: 14/3/11
Subsidy Code: B1.31.03
Downloads: Project Fiche 7962
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Area of intervention
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