A.4.All / Accessibility For All

Acronym: A.4.All
Project title: Accessibility For All
Priority axis: 1. Quality of Life
Area of Intervention: 1.3 Cooperation and Networking on Health and Social Welfare Issues
Lead Partner: National Confederation of Disabled People
Partner 2: National Council of Disability in Bulgaria
Budget: 1,611,950.00 €
Description: The project aims to promote ‘accessibility’ in the public sector and especially in local and peripheral authorities and provide an integrated approach for the promotion of ‘accessibility’ in the public administration of the cross border area. Accessibility is close related to disabled people and affects their everyday life.
Project details:
Call No: B1
Protocol No: 8024
Signature date of the Subsidy Contract: 14/3/11
Subsidy Code: B1.13.10
Downloads: Project Fiche 8024
Priority axis
Area of intervention
Lead partner
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