Promoting Sustainable Energy Utilization of Biomass Resources

Organisation: Black Sea Energy Research Centre (BSERC)
Country: Bulgaria
NUTS III: District of Blagoevgrad
First Name: Angel
Last Name: Nikolaev
address: Petrich (branch); Sofia (headquarters)
Phone: +359-2-9806854
Fax: +359-2-9806855
Mobile: +359-887431036
Project idea title: Promoting Sustainable Energy Utilization of Biomass Resources
Priority Axis: 1. Quality of Life
Area Of Intervention: 1.1 Protection, Management & Promotion of the Environmental Resources
Problem Addressed: poor forestry and agricultural land management - undeveloped biomass energy supply chain - inefficient energy utilization technologies
Activities: assessment of biomass potential, current management practices, existing technologies for biomass fuel production and utilization; and development of recommendations - transfer of best practices - training of municipalities and other stakeholders
Expected: capacity building of municipal staff and professionals - policy recommendations and regional plans - assessment of biomass potential
Expertise: Our organization: Bulgarian NGO in public interest, promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy. Experience in more than 30 EU funded projects in these areas: , Interest in partnership with Bulgarian and Greek public authorities (municipalities and regions) located in the cross-border area, with availability of substantial biomass resources. Note that a public authority must be the Lead Partner; BSERC is eligible to be partner, but not LP.
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