15 km of Road III-867 –Sole Road Connection to Zlatograd under Reconstruction

15,4 km of road III-867 Madan – Zlatograd – Benkovski are under reconstruction. The third class road is on the territory of the regions of Smolyan and Kurdzhali and is the sole road connection to Zlatograd and the surrounding populated areas. It connects the Municipality of Zlatograd with the neighboring municipalities – Madan, Nedelino and Kirkovo, and provides the connection between Road II-86 Rudozem – Smolyan – Asenovgrad and Road I-5 Kurdzhali – Makaza.

The project "Developing quality accessibility networks for creating a common future" (AccessNet), with sub-project: "Reconstruction of Road III-867 Madan – Zlatograd – Benkovski from km 22+157 to km 22+992 and from km 23+889 to km 28+135, from km 28+135 to km 32+478 and from km 32+478 to km 38+443" is financed under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme "Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013". The Programme is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (85%) and national funds of Greece and Bulgaria (15%).

The objective is rehabilitation and improvement of the third class road operational condition, its bearing capacity, dewatering, road signalization, by which the safety and the travelling comfort will be increased. It is anticipated that under good meteorological conditions the project will be completed by the end of the year.

The project is divided into 3 sections:
• Section from km 22+157 to km 22+992 and from km 23+889 to km 28+135, with a total length of 5,081 km;
• Section from km 28+135 to km 32+478 - 4,3 km;
• Section from km 32+478 to km 38+443 - 5,9 km.

The sections, which are being reconstructed, start from the road branch to the village of Erma River, pass through the center and the industrial zone of Zlatograd and end at the road branch to the village of Dolen.

The technology "cold recycling" will be used at the construction of the road pavement on the first and third sections. The laying of new layers of non-dense and dense asphalt concrete, cleaning of the existing trenches and construction of new trenches and culverts are forthcoming. New horizontal marking, road signs and restricting systems will be placed.

New curbs, sidewalks and a new rainy water sewerage system will be built up at the section passing through the center of Zlatograd. The three-branch crossroad at Bulgaria Boulevard and Khan Presiyan Street will be reconstructed into a roundabout. There will be major repairs of two bridges at km 37, which are within the third section.

The access of the inhabitants from the Municipality of Zlatograd to administrative, health care, educational and cultural services will be facilitated with the reconstruction of road III-867, and the look of Zlatograd will be renewed with the repairs of the central boulevard. The connection with border control checkpoint Zlatograd – Thermes – Xanthi will be improved, which will constitute an additional motive for the region development.

The contractor of the construction and assembly works is PST Group JSC. The contract value is 5.445.314,64 Euro inclusive of VAT. The construction supervision of the sections will be performed by Ecoengineering Ltd. /for sections 1 and 3/ and by Eco Bul /for section 2/. The contracts for construction supervision are at the total value of 61.533,90 Euro inclusive of VAT.

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