Public consultation on border obstacles: take part!

The year 2015 marks the INTERREG 25 year anniversary.

Over the last 25 years, EU cohesion policy has played an important role in fostering cross-border cooperation between regions through INTERREG Programmes. The focus was (and is) on financial incentives for better cooperation. Along these lines, also the new 2014-2020 INTERREG V-A Programmes will continue to finance cooperation activities in research, SME networks, environmental protection or risk management.

The implementation of the INTERREG Programmes suggests, however, that many border obstacles will remain – and that money alone will not solve persistent problems, many of which are linked to legislation and governance. This would thus require administrative and legal steps for better alignment. In this context, DG REGIO has launched a review of border obstacles and related policies where actions beyond funding would be required.

This review process was launched by Commissioner Corina Creţu on the 21st of September. The main purpose of this consultation is therefore to collect experiences and opinions from citizens, key stakeholders and experts, in order to get a comprehensive overview of what obstacles persist and of their impact on the daily lives of people and businesses in border regions.

The consultation will run from 21 September to 13 December 2015
and the results will be made publicly available online.

The aim of the study is to produce conclusions and suggestions on how the EU and its partners can ease remaining obstacles. A final report with recommendations will be ready by the end of 2016. In addition, several members of DG REGIO's senior management will visit border regions throughout the EU, to draw attention to this review process, and to mark the 25 years anniversary of INTERREG.

The survey is available in all languages of the EU except for Gaelic.

We strongly encourage you to take part.

Together we can achieve more.

Together standing strong.

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