Connecting Greece and Bulgaria's border regions: adoption of a new Interreg programme worth €129 million

The European Commission adopted on Wednesday, September 9th 2015 the 2014-2020 cross border cooperation ("Interreg") Programme for Greece and Bulgaria. It is worth €129 million, with more than €110 million coming from the European Regional Development Fund.The Programme's first priority is to boost the competitiveness of SMEs and help them expand beyond local markets. Corina Crețu, Commissioner for Regional Policy, said: "This programme will help the border regions of Bulgaria and Greece to work together and address common challenges. The new programme is clearly result-oriented and will make a real difference on the ground, from improved transport infrastructure to opportunities for new jobs." The fifth programming period of Interreg for 2014-2020 has a budget of €10.1 billion, invested in over 100 cooperation programmes.

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